Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Undefeated by Scott Hildreth

Review by Kimmi:

*Looks up from licking the plate clean* Well that was fucking delicious! Like, non-finger chicken delicious! Holy. Mother. Fuck! *smirks* Ahh... so this was my first time with this author. I was cool as a kid rocking his first pair of Girbaud jeans mouthing every fucking lyric to Vanilla Ice Ice Baby and shuffling in my two Air Jordan's like I don't give a fuck... Until I hit Chapter one (Right, btw... there is a Prologue, just in case you were wondering how long I was cool.) At first I was okay, All it said at the beginning of the chapter was KASE. So in a short lived attempt, I lied to myself saying "No, this author didn't, he wouldn't... Surely. You can't. I've never seen it accomplished and work out. EVER. As female writers write a males POV, in the end, what it all comes down to, the ONLY fucking reason it works is because she's writing it for a female audience. And... well, we're women! We don't have any fucking clue what runs through their head, what makes them do the crazy shit they do. So when I, very quickly, btw, realized that: Yes! YES he fucking is! He is actually attempting to write a female POV in first fucking person! I kicked off my Jordan's, turned on some Paula Abdul and buckled the hell up before muttering "Well... shit. Smh. It's all fucked up now. I'm going to subconsciously pick this guys female character apart. I didn't set him up for failure, he did by taking the route he took to write this story. I'm just the reader... preparing myself to be wholly let down. I made it through the first chapter unscathed and honestly, well fucking shocked as hell the he hadn't fumbled or thrown an interception in the first quarter. And then, after halftime, guess what the hell happened. GUESS, bitch. You'll never believe it! Nothing. Absolutely. Fucking. Nothing. Who wrote the book, their gender, their background- I never thought of it again. Every character was brilliantly written, each nothing like the next. I was so absorbed by the story line and utterly captivated by the unique, original characters that I forgot that the reason I'd buckled in was because the expected turbulence, and when I finished I still thought I was only buckled in for the great story, the side-splitting, literally laughing out loud alone in my house, beautifully orchestrated and executed literary coup. *slow claps* Very fucking well done, Scott Hildreth. *nods* Very well done, indeed. Even though I walked out of Chapter one with doubts, and had already dubbed you undoubtedly defeated, you not only demolished my disaccreditation without my knowledge because I was too busy being thoroughly entertained, you also defended me against my own ignorance for allowing preconceived notions to mar a BOSS bitch, world class, champion of a brilliant and captivating story from beginning to end. Yes mothafucka's... I read this Undefeated story, in one lazy ass sitting. And it was gotdamn, non-finger chicken good. With that said *drum roll, bitches* Undefeated gracefully KO'd me, walking away with 5 Fuck-me-running-you-crazy-ass-motherfucker-'Mike Ripp' Ripton-I-cannot-wait! Kimmi LipSmackin Stars

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