Sunday, March 2, 2014

Breaking Spades by W. Ferraro

Kynki Sista

**I was given an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

Having never read the other books in this series I can honestly say that Breaking Spades will definitely read well as a stand-alone novel. This book is absolutely amazing! Ferraro is a genius with a pen (computer, tablet, whatever she uses lol). I literally read this book in one day because I just could not put it down (kids weren't too happy but hey what can you do)
Cecile "CeCe" Cervetti decided after one heartbreak she would live life by her own rules and never let another man close enough to hurt her again. What she didn't count on was that same man coming back and changing everything she thought she wanted. Jarod Gates knew that his love for CeCe could destroy him and he knew he could never be the man she deserved so he left her and broke her heart...and his own in the process. When CeCe starts getting packages left for her by what appears to be a crazed stalker, her "brother" Dylan, hires Jarod to find out who it is and stop him. Jarod is a smooth talker who has always had the ability to make women swoon for him and he has not lost his charm! The past 13 years have been hell for Gates. After enlisting in the Marines and walking away from the only woman he has ever loved, Jarod is determined that this time he will not let CeCe go. CeCe is furious that after all this time and everything she's tried to build  the one man she ever loved is back and she realizes she still loves him!
Breaking Spades will take you on a whirlwind adventure and will captivate you from beginning to end! Now, I must go and read the rest of this series. Job well done! A must read!!

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