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LipSmackin’ GoodBooks Interview with the author of the highly anticipated Interview with a Master, Mr. Jason Luke…

Interview Date, 2/7: 3 hours after Mr. Luke clicked Publish on Amazon... An hour later the world would never be the same

Hey, Jason. Good morning to you from my evening. *Smiles*
I’m Kimber, but most people call me Kimmi, either is fine, I’ll answer to almost anything, lol. First, I know that today is a HUGE day for you. Congratulations and Happy release day!!!! Secondly, I want to thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this telephone interview with me. Before we get started though, I just want to give you a heads up, or slight warning in advance… I may, hopefully I will not, however there is a strong probability that, I may go fan girl on you. If I do, it will occur somewhere around the middle of the interview, around the time I lose my cool but have not yet become comfortable enough to regain my composure. Like I said, just a heads up, lol the best thing to do is ignore me, I’ll get past it eventually, or at least that’s what I’m hoping for.

This is how we’ll roll with the questions, the first few questions are just common, semi generic questions, just to get to know you and scratch past the surface. Then I have some questions that came to me while I was devouring and chain smoking, reading Interview with a Master just as fast as I could until three am.
Now… (and of course) this around the time I could possibly begin with my silly fan girl phase. The last few questions are just fun, easy questions, a quick Q&A.

Okay, so… strictly for professional purposes, I’m going to have some wine, lol. I’m hoping this will help us avoid the whole fan girl thing, is it early morning there? You have a cuppa or a coffee, or wine, you may be a day drinker like me, so I won’t judge, and let’s do this damn thing!
*Cheesy grins*
~Which scene was the hardest for you to write?

  • The last five pages of Interview with a master took the most time and the most effort. It seemed like the more I wrote the worse the story became. Ultimately the hardest work was cutting through all the unnecessary information to keep the scenes raw and emotional. 

~Favorite Book & Favorite Author?

  • I don’t have a favourite book, and I don’t have a favourite author. Generally I like reading action books and I really enjoy reading some of the great authors of the genre who were successful in the 1960’s and 70’s 

 Okay… So if I go fan girl, It’ll happen during these next few questions. Be prepared for wide eyes full of wonder, lol.
~So that I don’t completely botch this entire interview up, please… sound out Leticia.

  • Leticia 

~Awesome, now I can ask this question without sounding like a dumb ass… What were the superficial, immature questions Leticia asked Jonah at the beginning of Interview with a Master?

  • The same ones you have asked me at the beginning of this interview (Joking!)  Generally, if I know Jonah, he would be annoyed if Leticia asked him the sort of questions that she could easily get the answers from elsewhere. Jonah wouldn’t enjoy telling people what they could find out from 5 minutes of research he would see that as a waste of his time, and a lack of their professionalism. 

~Does your character Jonah’s belief or theory of the average married male derive from your own beliefs?

  • A lot of what Jonah says, does, remembers, and believes is based on me.

~So... You pace?

  • (Laughs) I do pace. 

~When you began writing ‘Interview’ what were you hoping to accomplish?

  •  I wanted to entertain the readers. I wanted people to turn the last page and feel as though they had been taken on a journey that engaged them emotionally. That was my simple intent. 

 ~How long did ‘Interview’ crawl around in your head before you sat down and began to write or type your outline?

  • One day.  

~Once the first letter of ‘Interview was typed how long did it take before you typed the words “The End”?

  • 3 weeks. In actual fact I think it was 18 days because at one point I had to travel for 3 days to deal with a family matter. 

~Did the major course of ‘Interview’ ever get derailed from you original outline or planned ending?

  • I had no outline before I started to write. I had a rough idea about the scene in Leticia’s bedroom when Jonah is waiting for her when she comes home, and I had the ending. The book was always going to end the way it did. Everything else that happened in between was inspired. 

 ~Do you tend to give yourself an allotted amount of time or words to write on writing days, or do you just follow the voices and stop when they stop?

  • Ideally I would normally try to do maybe 1000 or 2000 words a day. But when I wrote Interview there was several days were I wrote up to 6000 words. 

 ~Who in your life can be thanked for being the beginning domino or key factor with you writing ‘Interview’?

  • My girlfriend.

~Cold beer with ice crystals, tumbler of liquor over cubes of ice, or a glass of wine? 

  • Tumbler of liquor.

~Beach Vacay or Snowy capped mountain lodge?

  • Beach. We don’t see a lot of snow here is Australia. 

Now… Here it comes, the question EVERYONE is going to BEG to know by Sunday night: Exclusives! That’s what I want! Please, for the love of GOD tell me there will be a second, third, fourth, shit tenth book!!!!

  • I'm not sure at this time if there will be a second book, I can see the direction I would take the second book in if I were to write it. However without knowing the response Interview with a Master will receive I can't confirm yes or no at this time.

Jason, Thank you so much, SO VERY much for this opportunity! I am a huge fan of yours, and will pimp, promote, and beg for advanced review copies from any and every book you publish! I’m am super excited for you and all the great and wonderful places that ‘Interview’ is going to take you professionally. I am sincerely honored and humbled to get this rare chance to both interview and speak to you over the phone!
Uh ohhh… Here she is…. FAN GIRL… 
I honestly feel like I’m getting to experience the sliver of your before, because after Interview with a Master hits Amazon, you’ll be in your after. And Jason Luke, you sir, are about to be a fucking star! I don’t know if you realized it, but you’ve just taken the literary world and turned it on it’s ass, and after Saturday it will NEVER be the same =)

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