Monday, February 24, 2014

Lasting Attraction by Ashley Beale

Kynki Sista

If you have been following the Cassie Series then you have been waiting to see how this story will end. If you haven't read the rest of the series, why the hell not?! Lasting Attraction, much like the other books in the series will hook you from beginning to end. Cassandra McKnight finally has to choose between the two men in her life. Pierce Danielson is the slightly older, sexy, ex-fighter turned CEO who will do anything to show Cassie how much he loves her. There connection is made of pure, raw passion and is very hard to resist. Avery Manning is the tattooed, motorcycle riding, semi-pro fighter who has loved Cassie since they were kids. The connection between these two is unbreakable. Cassie loves each man in a different way but now she has to choose one. Cassie and Pierce are determined to make their relationship work but will they be able to survive once Avery returns from his fighting tour? Avery is determined to fight for the woman he loves...the one woman he's always loved. Will everything that's happened the past two years stop him from re-claiming his angle? Cassie has been holding onto this secret for the past few months and its tearing her up. Now that Avery is home and has discovered it what is she going to do? Will this be the thing to hold her and Pierce together or is this secret going to drive her into Avery's arms? Will it be Avery? Will it be Pierce? The way that Ashley Beale writes is unbelievably realistic. I feel as if this could actually take place, hell i think i may have lived this story! This trio goes on many ups and downs and will take your emotions on a roller coaster. A must read book!

We have so much to discuss and I'm scared. I'm terrified. I'm not sure how to start the conversation. I'm not sure I want to start the conversation. There is so much to discuss, so much more than he realizes. Than anyone realizes. Well, ready or not. I close the door behind me and make my way towards the coffee pot. Once that is brewing and the aroma makes its way around the kitchen, I make my way into my bedroom to dispose of yesterday's clothing and throw on some sweats. I don't think it's appropriate for me to wear normal clothing attire right now, or anything remotely attractive. I'm pretty sure this week I'll be wearing a lot of loose fit clothes, so he doesn't have to be tempted by me in any way. Let's just hope he is wearing clothes, so I won't be tempted by him. I will not give into temptation with him. I will not. I cannot. I won't. There is too much to lose. There is too much to discuss. There has been too much put between us.