Monday, December 16, 2013

Quintessentially Q by Pepper Winters

Review by Kimmi
This book absolutely broke me. It devastated me, fractured me, it pushed me beyond my limits and even still continued to desecrate me. Tears of Tess pushed the boundaries, it went against the grain,  and broke the laws of a good book formula. It was easily the best debuting novel I've EVER read. And because of this I was nervous as hell that Quintessentially Q was going to fall short. I've seen it a thousand times, book one a massive success, then book two has you staring at the last black page on your Kindle screen scratching your head wondering wtf you just read, because there is no way it could have come from the same fantastic mind of the author that wrote the first book.

Well... I can happily inform you, this ain't that fucking sequel Ladies and gentlemen, Pepper Winters didn't just write an equal sequel, she fucking trumped that motherfucker with a Royal flush, in Spades bitch! Holy fucking fuck!  Pepper took that story so far beyond the point of no return it was like watching a mass casualty in slow motion,  fucking shit will you cringe. Gagging on dry heaves, begging your eyes to look away but you just can't.

And once it's over and done you want to scrub your eyeballs with a loofah to unsee the carnage that has littered your mind and soul.

I screamed bloody murder, begging and crying to get off that sick and twisted mind fuck, but once you walk into that crazy fucking madhouse, there is no going back, you just gotta do what I did, and ride that bitch out... for better and for worse.
I anxiously anticipated this book like a crack fiend waiting for her next hit, for the opportunity to walk around in Q's mind was something I coveted the chance at, the same thought ran through my head from the moment I finished Tess, " Can you imagine, the utter monstrosity and sick darkness inside this characters head, and getting the exquisite chance to wallow in it page after page!!!" I didn't give Pepper enough credit I suppose, either that or I severely underestimated her commitment to plow straight passed every PG rated line and boundary, throwing the reader head fucking first into Q's fucked up, splintered mind. She wasn't bullshitting in Tess when she said he was a monster, he fucking is! A sick, malicious, fascinating monster that honestly doesn't give a fuck! Especially if you hurt his Esclave.

It was a delicious, sadistic, horrifying, thrilling, erotically emotional and tender, gut wrenching story that will leave you scratching your head and wondering what the fuck you just read... right before you burst into tears falling apart from a tattered, broken heart and begging for salvation that you know will only be granted in the form of... Twisted Together.

Quintessentially Q is receiving 5 Fuck-yeah-that's-the-kind-of-mindfuck-I-needed-from-Q Kimmi Stars.
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