Monday, March 18, 2013

Wreck Me by J.L. Mac

Review by Kimmi:

The creation of this review took me a while because the ending to this story left me in a catatonic state staring at my kindle and waiting for it to reveal to me the second book of this series "Restore Me". Yeah, that didn't happen. 

Damon Cole
Damon Cole was quite a delightful surprise, in the beginning when he meets Jo he seemed very reserved, he was calm and still, he just observed.  But dear lord baby Jesus, get that man in the bed room and he turns 50 shades of "HELL YES, SIR!". I love my book men to have a dirty mouth, what can I say? And Damon does not let us ladies down! He is a dominant, pushy alpha male and the things he says in the sheets had my eyes rolling to look at the back of my skull, and the pages on my kindle lighting on FIRE! Whew! (I guess I finally did get that kindle fire, hahahaha ; ) <- side joke by Kimmi, lol. 

I'd say "Poor, poor Jo" but then if I did she'd kick my ass, lol. So I'll say, Damn Jo! Girl you are in serious need of a break! Jo's life has been just shit since her parents died in a car accident 16 years ago. As a child she was in and out of foster homes, lived on the streets, and found a small amount of solace in the arms of a neighborhood Library. While growing up Jo finds comfort in reading. The characters never let her down and they do not judge her. She reads as many books as she can and teaches her self what she needs to know and earns her GED, then she happens on a job at a book store owned by the only person that becomes a fixture in her life for the next 7 years, Sutton. After 7 years of being off the streets and working in the book store, a cool and calm prince charming comes into her life. She is not one for relationships, but she is always down for a one night stand, hell, look at him. Now tell me you wouldn't ; ) However what Damon Cole has in store for her isn't for one night, He wants her forevermore.

Anything and everything  J.L.Mac unleashes on us poor readers leaves us in a quivering, sobbing, and addicted hot heap of a mess, and like good little addicts we will keep coming back for more, over and over again! The cliffhanger at the end of "Wreck Me" had me screaming bloody murder "NOOOOOOOO!" It was so freaking terrible and so effin PERFECT! Damn I CAN'T WAIT for book 2 in this series "Restore Me".

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