Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rule by Jay Crownover

Review by Kimmi
Holy hot mother effer Batman! I want to start at the top of Rule's head and continue on my journey down until I end up some where south of his border! Sheeshes! Rule is as much a bad ass on his feet as he is in the sheets.  He spends his nights in the bottle and draped in women. Every Sunday his family friend Shaw has to drag his ass out of bed (women entangled and all) and drive him to his family's house for their weekly family brunch. Rule doesn't give a shit about being politically correct, and he lets the world know it. He never pretends that he is something he isn't and after the death of his twin brother his downward spiral out of control increases ten fold. 

Sweet Shaw has always tried to keep the calm in her adopted family. See, Shaw's real family, her parents, are pretentious assholes that care more about "breeding her" right and making sure she does well by the family name. Shaw was best friends with Rule's twin brother, Remy from middle school on. Remy always protected Shaw and and they were as close as two friends could ever be. But Shaw only ever had eyes for the bad boy of the two. She gave her heart over to Rule the moment she layed eyes on him and he called her Casper. She has held a candle for him all her life, and dammit now she is tired of it, she is pulling out the big guns, aka the V card. She is not expecting anything in return, just let her cash this damn V card to the only guy that it has ever belonged too. She knows this isn't going to change the way he sees her, but dammit, she'll get hers! 

But when the lines are blurred and Rule is seeing straight for the first time in a long time. He can't help but see Shaw in a different light. Especially now that he knows where she works and what her work uniform entails. Maybe she is just a little vixen that plays dress up in pearls and closed toe pumps of beige and khaki. Now he wants to shatter her perfect persona and get to the real Shaw Landon. 

This was a fantastic and sexy as hell story! Absolutely loved it! The hot factor in this story had me panting! Had to step out on the back porch and have a cigarette a couple of times. Whew! Do your self a favor, buy this hot ish now! Read it, eat it up, devour it. It is that damn good y'all!


  1. Definitely after reading your review this is the 3rd book on my REAL TBR pile. Always looking for a book that delivers a torch blaze to the brain.

  2. I just finished this and I loved it too! Great review!

  3. Thanks Susan and Lori for the kind comments! It was a damn good read girls!!!!