Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Beyond Shame" by Kit Rocha

Review by Kimmi:
Wow! That was the most epic and twisted mad house mind fuck that I have read all year! To call this book sexy or hot is the biggest understatement EVER! This book was down right raw and gritty! It's intense, fast paced, and so freaking dirty that I know I'm going to hell for wallowing in its filth and loving every second of it! You know those dark books that make you cringe a bit, but its ok, because thats what makes the book effin' great? This books darkness had me sinfully purring "oh yeah? Ohhhhhh, and then what? Oh, I really like that."

This book made me freaking light up with so many emotions I couldn't tell if I was a Christmas tree or an apocalyptic atomic  bomb. From page to page, chapter to chapter I was twisted and turned inside out and backwards so many times that by the end I didn't know up from down, right from wrong, or heaven from hell. With that said, this book is not for the weak at heart, shallow minded, or easily disturbed. As a self professed smut whore, I will think no less of you is this isn't your cup of tea, however, for me? I'll buy this ish up not by the cup but by the case if possible ;) 

Kimmi's Book Sum up: (If I had to sum this book up in a one sentence blurb, it would be: This story is the product of conception or offspring of "The Hunger Games and a damn good porno flick")

 Kit Rocha has built awesome strong and loyal characters in this story, with a bad ass story plot and sex scenes that are as hot as Dante's ninth circle of hell! I hope y'all have as much shameful fun reading this story as I did, now for me: Off to "Beyond Control" I go! Woohoo!!!

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