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First Act: Night Fury #1 By Belle Aurora

First Act: Night Fury #1
By Belle Aurora

My name is Catarina.
Or, that’s who I was christened to be, anyways.
I live in a convent. I am a nun in training. A postulant.
I am eighteen years old.

I am a predator.
No one is safe from me.

I am protected.
No one can get to me.

By day one way, by night another. They call on me.

My name is Catarina.
Codename: Night Fury.

No one is safe from me.

I will come for you.
Review by Kylie

The Kitty Cat definitely has claws

First off this is a novella and this is part one of three.

Belle Aurora has done it again. She has taken a simple storyline and spiced it up for us.

"Father Robert did as he said that day. He taught me. Taught me things a child should not be taught. But I am different. Don’t feel bad for me. God’s will must never be questioned. This is my lot in life. I will tell you one thing, so listen carefully and heed my warning: Things are not always as they seem."

Belle begin this story of a young 18 year old orphan named Catarina, who has grown up in a convent and is in training to become a nun. Simple and innocent right. Oh hell no!

"I was born to be what I am. I have been told this from early in my childhood. The message has stuck. It’s for the greater good. Scarifies must be made. There is no other way. Fate can be a cruel bitch."

Cat has been training all her life for this duty. This duty is made clear from the get go. The more you read you will understand what it is that these people do. Father Robert has trained her and trained her well.
Cat believes "that this is God’s will. If not, I am just a criminal, no better that the people I am to hunt."

What really goes on inside that convent is entirely different. Through flashback and we begin to see that in one of her missions Cat did not have it all under control and she made a mistake. Now 2 years later she is up for the challenge again. This time she is older and wiser.

"Oh silly man, I am not going to kill you. No. Not me, but she is."

Of course Belle would not write a book without some hot sex scenes.

"You look beautiful, pussy cat."
"I want more."
"I will, if you let me."

Belle is definitely setting us up for something and you can feel it building as you read. You are going and going, then there is this moment when something happens but the reader cannot see it! Remember things are not always as the seem!

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