Monday, June 16, 2014

BURNED by Tara Sivec

Synopsis ~
Seventeen years old when he broke my heart. 
Seventeen days later when another picked up the pieces.
Seventeen years together.
Seventeen thousand problems.
Seventeen days of reliving my past and finding a new future.
Seventeen minutes until it all went up in flames.
Seventeen breaths until I took my last.
This is my story... and it's going to burn.


Amanda Afterdark's Review
Tara "muthafuckin" Sivec has done it to me AGAIN!!!  God, I love this woman's mind and how it works.   This is Tara's first erotic suspense novel and I loved every burning second of it!!  I read this bad boy in 2 days (only because life got in the way of my reading or it would have been finished in one) and was shocked in the best way!!!  Tara is mostly known for her humour filled books which are obviously fucking awesome and so funny that you may actually piss yourself (no joke).  She has written some other more dramatic and serious books.  Tara seems to be taking a crack at every single Genre out there and she is totally nailing them all.
This book was no doubt an absolute scorcher..... I got BURNED by Tara Sivec and loved and every single second of it.  We have Finnley our heroine and who has a shit ton of problems while sorting out her crappy life with her husband who is a pilon.  But she does it.  On her own.  Didn't even whine about it.  I hate whiney heroines..... So then like any normal girl would do, she gets dolled up and goes out to the bar where BOOM she runs into her old high school flame... Collin.  WE LOVE COLLIN!!!  Collin is a firefighter too boot yo!  Finnley & Collin struggle for a bit to find their groove when all of a sudden........ BOOM...... Oh, I can't tell you what happens here LOL.  If you wanna know you will have to one click this bitch!  You will not be sorry!!!
"You were my fire Collin.  I lost the desire to play with it when you left"


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