Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Harbour by Penelope Louleas

                                                                 By Penelope Louleas

                                                                       5 Lipsmacks


Harbour Manning's life wasn't going to plan.

After finding her boyfriend, Derek, between the thighs of another woman, she was forced to re evaluate her life. When an offer to uproot and move to New York is presented to her, she grabs it with both hands and runs with it.

Lincoln Whitmore's engagement to model Rachael started with fireworks, but soon the love they shared diminished. On his final night in the city before a much-needed escape, Lincoln meets a gorgeous and funny woman, a woman so refreshing he is torn between wanting to stay and wanting to run.

A chance meeting has Harbour unable to forget the mystery man who captivated her instantly, and she once again finds herself thrust into his world.

What would you do if you found the one? How long would it take you to realize you couldn't live without them? And what happens when someone from your miserable past comes back with a reason for you to let go of your happy future?

When all the odds seem against her, will she stay and fight or go running back home?

Life doesn't always go to plan, but that doesn't mean you're heading in the wrong direction.



Good garden of peas-- this book was hot!!! Like make sure you have spare batteries for your B.O.B hot.... go right now and get this one!!!

My girl Ang recommended this one, and she was so excited about it, I ended up setting aside the book I was reading and started this one. And let me say, I devoured it. It was so good. It had just enough angst to keep you guessing, bit not so much you were thinking "get on with it already". It had a perfect balance.

Now, lets talk about the sex scenes--- I seriously needed a cold shower a couple of times. Penelope hit it out of the park with these. She was able to capture the emotion between the characters and still put a naughty erotic like quality to the scenes. And I finally relented to Ang's "you have got to read this", when she screen shot a sex scene and sent it to me--I literally stopped that second, and down loaded this book.

The plot and the sex scenes alone were enough to enjoy the book. But once you add in Alpha Linc you have a serious winner. Linc was lush. He had an amazing dirty mouth on him, and he could incite and orgasm with words alone. He was bossy without being domineering, and I LOVED that he encouraged Harbour to be Harbour-- not what the "elite" thought she should be. On top of that he gifted her with really hot designer shoes on a regular basis--can we say perfect man???

Harbour was a fantastic leading lady. She was smart, with a smart mouth. She had no filter and just said it how she called it. I loved this about her. She stuck her foot in her mouth a couple of times, but it made her all the more enduring. And in the end, she turned out to be selfless. A rare and precious person that literally cared more for others and their needs than herself, even if it cost her.

The side characters in this are just as good as the main ones. All of the side characters have their own unique personalities and the dialogue that goes on between them is hilarious. I found myself laughing out loud a few times. The group of main friends are all very different yet they embrace the differences and somehow make it work.

I cant wait for book 2 in this series to release. I will be author stalking until then.....


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