Friday, April 18, 2014

Reclining Nude In Chicago by Fifi Flowers



What happens when freelance art writer Julie Van Rothfelder is mistake for an artist's life model and finds herself reclining nude in Chicago?
Reclining Nude In Chicago is book 1 of a new Encounters Series by Fifi Flowers.  Several stand alone novelettes featuring business women who travel and enjoy interesting encounters.
This edition includes a BONUS... Hot & Very Steamy Short Story!!!!
This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adult readers only.
Amanda's Review
For me this was a fabulous short, fun, sexy, & sassy little read!!!  What a fun story this was and holy hell it was so funny too boot!
Julie Van Rothfelder is hired to write a piece for the famous Henri Matisse (I'm not familiar with art or how famous a piece is but sure, I went with it), whom she admired his work,  Julie lands herself in Chicago and HOLY HELL that's when things start to get very interesting..... Between Pierce the curator (aka hot guy #1) and Emerson the painter (hot guy #2) and well, a sweet Julie in the middle things get hot and fast!!!
Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, get your hands on this fun little read because you will love it!!!

FIFI FLOWERS, you blew me away with this novella
Fifi is also an Artist check her out on Etsy
All about Fifi check out her website
Buy her book and other things here Fifi does not disappoint
Reclining Nude in Chicago by Fifi Flowers
E-book & Paperback Available April 26th

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