Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Baby Girl (Erik Ead Trilogy #1) by Scott D. Hildreth

Holy HAWT MIND FUCK, Batman!

4 Lipsmacks!

I love a book with a content warning! HELLO?! The dirtier the better, right? Check out the WARNING from Author Scott D. Hildreth on this one..

WARNING: sexual content of this book is descriptive and not watered down. If you aren't comfortable with descriptive raw, true to life descriptions of a D/s relationship, do not proceed with reading this book.

This book is real, raw, and true-to-life. These people hurt. They are in pain. They have sex to mask the pain. The make progress, they begin to recover, and this novel depicts that progress. If you have ever wondered if you are truly a submissive, one read of this book, and you'll know. THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. MIND FUCK. HEAD FUCK.

This is the first book in a series of three in the life of Erik Ead. Erik is a psychiatrist. He rides a motorcycle in a Motorcycle Club. He is tattooed. He is confident to the point of perceived arrogance.

Erik does not believe in love and he doesn’t live in a mansion -he rides a motorcycle in a MC. He does not have an airplane. Erik is extremely confident, real, and knows what he wants. He wants a woman to submit; with no commitment for love. Erik will settle for nothing less than owning Kelli.

Kelli is a college graduate scheduled to go to a university at the end of the summer. She meets Erik, who is older than she is. Immediately she is intrigued by him. Kelli has never been in a relationship at all. Kelli has spent her life being promiscuous, and using men for sex. Kelli, after meeting Erik, wants to do nothing but please him. Kelli doesn’t quite understand why, and waits on Erik to explain to her why she is the way she is, and what to do next .

"Love isn't real. Love is what people say to you so they can keep fucking you. So they can keep your interest. I don't want lies. I want my ass slapped, my hair pulled, and treated like a little whore." – Kelli with an “I”

When these two begin to spend time together, things begin to change; personalities, interests, and the need for affection. What happens is something that must be experienced by the reader. This book is, again, not watered down. This book has tremendous depth to those that are looking to find it. It will, upon completion, allow you into the minds, hearts, and heads of people as they develop a D/s relationship.

Again, if you have always wondered about what a Dominant/submissive relationship is all about – less the airplanes, mansions, and billions, read Baby Girl. It’s real, it’s raw, and it’s got the hottest, steamiest real sex you can imagine.

My review:
Be prepared ladies, you are going to need SHAMWOW panties for this roller coaster ride! The sex FUCKING is HAWT! You are either going to LOVE this book or fucking HATE it! Read the WARNING, and keep all of it in mind as you are reading. Otherwise, you will not fully understand the purpose of this book. If you're all about the fairytale with romantic rainbows and unicorns that shit cupcakes, then think again! Erik is a super confident alpha male (ok-he's a DICK), he knows what he wants, he's real as fuck, and he doesn't sugar coat shit! I'm pretty sure he is going to piss you the fuck off! He wants a woman that is willing to do anything for him sexually at the drop of a dime, and he will stop at nothing to own her.

I liked that the story told both pov's so you could really dive deep and see where they both were coming (heh) from. I have to admit that I did get a bit annoyed with all the repetitive words, but I also felt that it was necessary given the complexity of their relationship. Like I said before.. Erik is a dick, but you will learn that his analyzing and questions really have a meaning to them. Keep judgments aside, this is 1 (ONE) story told in 3 (THREE) parts, so there is much more to learn about Erik and Kelli in Baby Girl 2 and 3! AND.. If you really want to know about what makes Erik tick, read Baby Girl 2.5!

"(…)I intend to ruin you. Provide you with feelings and levels of satisfaction that you have never seen, and will never, in my absence, see again. This level of satisfaction, this degree of feeling…it will ruin you. Ruin you from ever being satisfied by another man the way I satisfy you. Once you realize that you're ruined, I will own you.

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