Monday, October 7, 2013

Everyone Dies Alone by Ryan Mitchel Collins

Everyone Dies Alone by Ryan Mitchel Collins, reviewed by Kimmi:
If I had to sum up Everyone Dies Alone in one quick review statement in would be "This collection of dynamic and moving stories not only captured my attention but kept me entertained by keeping me both on the edge of uncomfortable, as well as out of my literal element. 
I haven't finished my author interview with RMC yet however I can clearly see that he left behind pieces of himself in each short story. He delivers a fresh, underground, and fucking kickass cutting edge writing style in this debut and he does so with a perfect execution you usually only see from seasoned authors.
In Everyone Dies Alone RMC used short story after short story and continued pushing my boundaries as not only a reader but also a member of the human race. Each story is told by a different characters POV and as you read you follow each character through the highs and lows of their journey. The short stories are profound and individually unique in their way that persuades  you to look beyond your expected societal norms. 

"....the problem is that we got it ass backwards. We give them our-everything and anything for the pursuit of money. We've traded away our lives for a piece of paper! Think about what money actually is......" "It's a piece of paper with green ink on it...." "We carry the dead skin of a tree in our wallet, which is the skin of a dead animal." 
~Sum One of Everyone Dies Alone by Ryan Mitchel Collins

I love that the author Ryan Mitchel Collins isn't afraid to go balls to the wall and against the grain. He boldly shows he is more concerned with his art form and portraying his beliefs and opinions as opposed to conforming to the cookie cutter book formula that has flooded the literary market. 
Gotta give Everyone Dies Alone 4-stick it to the Man- Kimmi Stars****

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