Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Brought to Heel By Mark Davis

Review by Kimmi:
I thought this buy "yes, I bought it, I couldn't wait not one damn minute, not one damn second while amazon got their shit together and corrected it to free, and honestly, COME ON it was .99 cents!" Anyway where was I? Oh..... Yes, I thought this buy was absolutely knee weakening and delightful! At page 1 something WONDERFUL happened, I truly wasn't expecting to get the breath knocked out of me with a sexy as hell poem right away! *Sighs* And then even better was that each short story was so well rounded and written with deep complex characters that you remember well after you've finished the story. Mark always surprises me with his short stories because they don't feel short. The way he uses his awesome writing style makes it so when his short stories are over, you feel satisfied. He still gives the reader a beginning, a middle (holy mother of gawd! WHEW! *Fans self* Damn do you get a middle!!)and also you get a great closing at the end. It's like I said, you just read a short story, but Mark's talented mind and attention to details builds a story on a much grander scale than just an erotic short. I loved each and every one of these stories, so much! Each story had my imagination running wild and whoa, just WHOA! They definitely made me want to stumble upon a little young'en twenty something fella and..... ok! Nevermind with all that, where was I before I got carried away, hehehehe. I was also tickled to death that Mark closed this collection of erotic and sensual goodies with another sexy and hot panties bonus poem! This sexy ass perfection gets 5-Poems, and Short stories, and Eroticism OH MY!-Kimmi stars *****

~Ready for my hot smexiness I made? What can I say, I was inspired, Oh and I have as well, of course ;)

TA DA!!!!!!!! 

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