Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tattered Love by Lola Stark

Review by Lil' Max:
Holy Mother of all that is Fucking Hot this shit right here! I Said this shit right here is it! This is one of the hottest debut books I have ever read.  Whew! I swear to Gawd I thought my body was on fire!
Let me tell you right of the bat the two things you will need or need access to rather while reading this book.  First and for most a man,  boyfriend,  husband or booty call to satisfy the damn tingly aching scorching hot Flames that will build up over and over in your body.  If that is not an option for you,make sure you got quick access to that top drawer of your night stand,  you know What I'm sayin? Ok now that we have established that lemme tell you get on into this review.
Scarlett (Scar) is a Sexy, Lil Hot tempered, Tiger in the sac that owns a kick ass tattoo shop.  Her work is impeccable and she had made a name for herself.  She has established a little close knit family with her staff and they all look out for one another. She was screwed over pretty good by her last "boyfriend" and she ain't got time for none of that drama that comes with a relationship!  To her men are pretty much good for only one thing.  Purely physical satisfaction! Until Mace walks through the shop doors to see his brother. Then all logical thought process stops and she is knocked square off her normal game and on her sexy lil ass!
God Lawd have Mercy Mace! This MoFo is sex on a stick dipped in chocolate and of course sprinkled with Tattoos!!  He is a "Bad Boy"!  Motorcycle.  check.  tattoos.  check.  alpha male attitude. check.  Sexy as Fuck! CHECK. CHECK. CHECK.  If he knows he wants something, he's not stopping til he gets it.  No way. No how, but like every "Bad Boy" he's got his issues too.  He is fresh home from the military and ready to figure out his next step in life.  So what better place to start than to reconnect with his brother who just happens to work at Scar's shop!  Mace has encountered some crazy shit during his stent in the service.  Shit that has really skewed his perception of his self worth.
These two tease, tantalize and torture each other until they break! They have the best chemistry in and out of the bed except for their securities.  This book will have you laughing your ass off and needing a cold shower.   Lola did the damn thing and your bat shit crazy if you don't go grab this ASAP. This gets 5+++BadAssScorchingHotDirtyStars!!!!

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