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September Ends by Hunter S. Jones

Review by Kimmi:

I am in complete and utter awe of the sheer rarity and substantial style of storytelling that Hunter S. Jones bestows upon me everytime I am gifted the chance to fall in love not only with the story her beautiful, rich and colorful words create, but the deep and complex characters she brings to life with her written word, characters that leave you to scream at their injustices, weep while their souls fall into absolute despair, and cheer with a full fluttering heart when happiness takes away all the dark blackness that was once seeping from their pores. This was on a literary level a story that truly is what legends are made of, a story that is so out of its fellow genre novels realm, it is both before it's time yet historic all in the same breath, word, sentence. It is so unlike any book I have read, that at first glance my inner smut whore that reads the same formula of the same book over and over winced at the beginning. I thought "Dear lord Hunter, what have you done. This will never work love. It is impossible." By page fifty Ms. Jones had me eating my own thoughts, swallowing whole my words of disbelief. 
This ART, this form of story telling, goes against everything we know. We've only seen it in history books, that tell us it's great because it's great. However because history has told us it is great and it is known to us by pop culture retelling it in a more main stream manner, we never really understand what history means by greatness. However after I finished the last chapter of September Ends I FINALLY grasped what the teachers wanted me to Dickinson, Wilde, Frost, Bronte and Shakespeare.
Where thiers were words I've heard all my life Hunter S. Jones words in September Ends are not, her words are new, words unread and unheard by the masses but the immensity, intensity of them make them just as infinite. 
To say my smut whore shut her trap is an understatement. Her eyes widened in astonishment and she hung on to every word from page fifty on. I've never seen her like that, she shut the fuck up and sat back, immersing herself into the story, ladies and gentlemen, my smut whore who hasn't ever known love, fell head over hills in love with Liz, Charles, Pete, Jack, Malachy, Spider and even Mrs. T. 
She, my smut whore, and my conscious self, Kim, we just sat and cried after the last word on the last page was read, we watched as it blurred, then the kindle went dark and we just wept together. We wept not only because September Ends was over, but also was the feeling of witnessing history and future unfold together in a story making it so grandeur that it is with out beginning and with out end, also a story that we both winced at and called impossible. 
Hunter I would say thank you, I really want to say it, but I cannot at this moment. I know later when I am not fresh into the heartache and book hangover I've just fallen into that I will be able to Thank you. As for now all I have for you is DAMN you woman, you not only took away my sleep last night, and this day, but you have left me royally fucked up, yet humbled in awe of the art form you passed off as a story. Kudos woman, you've left me on my knees.
September Ends gets a goddamn Kimmi Oscar nod of 10, yep read 'em and weep TEN (never done that before, check the record books) 10-This isn't a book, isn't a story, it's fucking history in the making- Kimmi Stars **********

Kimmi sits down with Hunter S. Jones and a bottle of wine for a little Q&A:

Holy freaking shit! Whoa! I just finished September Ends and absolutely LOVED IT! Now that I've finished my review I can step back into my profanity loving, not entirely sane and nine times out of ten seems to not make sense mode. Because let me tell ya, after September Ends the review that spilled out isn't my typical review. It was a whole lot more serious than my previous reviews, it also was inspired by THE GREAT mind of Hunter S. Jones. But now I get to kick off my shoes, pour us some wine, and dive into this womans mind. YAY!!!!
Most won't know this or remember that Hunter S. Jones was my VERY FIRST author Interview, with her release of Fables of Reconstruction and the upcoming release of A Celtic Tapestry, a collaboration tale of eight celtic festivals she with seven other authors created I had the chance at a Q&A with an author that caught my eye and attention with a writing style that consisted of zombies, pimps, drugs and eroticism way back in my baby blogging days. With the first half of my wine glass empty *rubs hands together, crosses legs on the couch and curls up to sit on my feet* lets get to it you deep, dark romantic bitch you!

1) Ok I gotta ask this, what the fuck.... No sorry, WHERE the fuck did that "September Ends" come from!?!! How long did you hear those voices before you put them on paper?

~The Story appeared to the poet collaborator and myself. After The Story and synopsis presented itself, the three main characters revealed themselves. Next, my collaborator wrote the poetry as the spine of the book. Then, I added the words. By the end of the book we were both adding to the story with a type of fervor. With all that being said, we actually began discussing the concept of September Ends in April of this year. 

2) *(A question almost identical to the first question, only worded different so I am able to scratch past the surface. )
Did September Ends come from life experiences, I know how much your love for the south, old long armed oaks, cicadas, the rich earth and kudzu effects the imagery in your story telling, but the feelings, love found, lost loved ones, lost love, despair and desolate solitude, are these feelings you portray in ink born from your own painful tragedy?


3) In our last interview you lived in Atlanta in a house with a beautiful view, are you still in Atlanta, and with September Ends releasing what are your plans? Straight back to the drawing board or some time to breathe?


4) So, ahhhh.....FB jail huh? Lmao, what happened girl?

~Guess when you add a lot of people in a short amount of time, or a lot of people add you, FB stops you from adding new friends. Dunno. Its as if you get penalized for being popular.
5) What made you feel it was important not only to get Liz, Pete, and Jacks story told, but also made you feel that it was important to use the story telling format you used?

~ I really don't know the answer to this question. Every story makes its own way. Stephen King said it best in an interview. To paraphrase his quote, Once the story presents itself, its as if you take dictation. That is exactly the way it is. No doubt. 
6) What is one thing you could change about September Ends (that you either left out, or didn't stress enough) if anything at all?

~Jack O Savage was the same age as Shakespeare.

7) Did you know when you finished September Ends how fucking DAMN good it was, or did you let yourself critique the hell out of it making you question the decisions you made while writing September Ends?
~We kept editing and editing until one of us realized it was time to get the book to BZHercules, our editor/ formatter.
8) What is the last damn good book you read that was written by an indie or debuting author? What was the name, author and long story short what was it about?

~You know, that is the question I always dread and never know how to answer. However, this time, in the context of September Ends, it was with my collaborator. He used the same three words in one of his books that I used in Fables of the Reconstruction--in the same format and in the same context. That is why I pursued him, determined to make this story, this novel collaboration, happen. September Ends is an interesting blend of romance with erotic and supernatural elements, bound by poetry. Its an artistic understanding, a synergy, on some level of your subconscious that you get from another artist.
9)What is your best piece of advice for debuting authors?

~Follow your heart, follow your art but don't quit your day job!

10) What, I shutter and thrill all at the same time to know, what do you have in store for us next?

~The anonymous English Poet and I are already getting a vibe for Book 2 of the September Story. The Story continues to unravel itself before us. It's as if we have been given a gift. 
Thank you so much Hunter, I love you dearly my southern sister and I will always be your number one fan!!!!

~Thank you so much for featuring me today! Thank you to for taking the time to read September Ends.

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  1. Thank you very much from the poet and me! So glad you enjoyed the story Kimmi.