Thursday, October 10, 2013

Erotic Midnight Musings Vol 3: Menage/Cougar by Mark Davis Just Released!!!!

Hot! And I mean Hot Damn! Hot off the press the press, the Bitten Press, comes The Cover Reveal for what we've all been waiting for Erotic Midnight Musings Vol 3: Menage/Cougar by Mark Davis........

And now with that hot picture, I mean Cover in mind lets read this provocative and titillating preview of what's to come..... and hell yeah, pun intended ;)
Whether cougars searching prey
Or the ménage type of play
There is pleasure for someone
As they go in search of fun

With her makeup and her heels
She loves how a young stud feels
If she treats him right
He will satisfy all night

You might see them out in bars
Or cruising in their cars
Targets are left in doubt
What their intentions are about

Runs her fingers through his hair
Then entices to her lair
Then like a sexual beast
The wanton cougar has a feast

Ménage a different speed
Fulfills a different need
Although to cougars in a pack
Sometimes find a youthful snack

It can be any mix
They can get up to many tricks
Two ladies and a man
Is just one type of plan

Any mix of sex is right
To enjoy a ménage night
Three ladies or three men
Even happens now and then

One thing you know when they undress
The bed will end up in a mess
There will be loud screams of delight
As they switch throughout the night

So in this volume you will find
Poems of the cougar kind
With some ménage ones thrown in
A collection of erotic sin.

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  1. smiles.....can't wait for more and again he is my favorite erotic poet