Wednesday, September 4, 2013

LipSmackin' GoodBooks has THIS SUMMER'S HOTTEST GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!! Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters

Ok! So Helena, Kimmi and Lil' Max along with the swag queen Lisa Watmough have put our forces together for THE HOTTEST GIVEAWAY OF THE SUMMER!!!!! And it is all in honor of THE Pepper Winters and her debut release Tears of Tess. When? Begins today. Where? FB and Amazon of course! How? You share the giveaway and for every person that buys a copy of Tears of Tess, shares it on FB from Amazon with a comment saying who's link they followed to buy their copy (make sure they tag you!) The more copies of Tears of Tess you contribute to selling, the closer you are to winning some BAD ASS SWAG via Lisa Watmough aka Rockdat designs! Get ready for the giveaway that will blow your mind y'all!!!!! Muah! Kimmi
Ready, Set, GO !!! Lets get this party started, and here is a peek at your swag prize ;)

Only picture sparrow, black, brown and champagne crystals or stones, Tears of Tess pics, Q's and 58 as charms:
 Well, actually lookie what I just got.... the beginnings of your prizes ;)

Now go grab your copy and have your friends grab theirs by following the link below:

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