Thursday, September 26, 2013

Broken Ever After by Natalie Graham

Review by Kimmi:
Holy Shit!!! Ok, before I even can begin to unleash my profanities and unstable ramblings about Broken Ever After I need to say right now that when I started this book what I thought I was walking into and what I was actually walking into were two TOTALLY different stories. Wowza's!!!! Natalie Graham, congrats girl, at 30% into this story you had me doing an about face and me thinking "Uh Oh....I know everything seems innocent and at high school level but I swore I thought I could hear the 'Jaws' danger tune in the back ground, barely...but it was still there, and I knew in my bones that the shit was about to HIT the fan. Du-Du...Du-Du...Du-Du... As the danger chord got louder I was still not expecting BAM! Even though I sensed it coming when it did hit, it hit like a damn frontal attack!
Damn it, this author had me hot and bothered one second then screaming angry at the inexcusable unfairness life was bombarding upon not only Olivia, but Jamie and the relationship between them that held so much promise.

When the story begins we meet Olivia in her last year of school. With the end of the school year looming ahead Olivia is begining to feel the ugly regret of never facing the fact that she has been in love with her math teacher for over six years and failed to make her feelings known. However, society frowns upon whatever could come from her voicing what she most regrets. Olivia finally makes ammends with the way things will be and how her love for Mr. Matthews will go untold as she goes off to Uni soon. So when Mr. Matthews is the one to make the first move, Olivia is not only caught off gaurd, but totally blown away. 
The beginning of the taboo relationship between Olivia and Jamie aka Mr. Matthews is kept fairly innocent at Olivia's persistance. Olivia is determined to keep their affair secret until their roles of teacher and student are no longer an issue that society can use to make them keep their love hidden. However at the beginning in the transition of their relationship from private to public, Olivia experiences a tragic and horrific incident. This incident, along with childhood secrets she has kept locked away since she was eight years old creates an insecure and unsteady foundation for a love that should, and could have been a beautiful and timeless everlasting love.
I Freaking Know!!!! Right!?!?!?! Natalie creates the perfect "Oh....this is good. No, this is DAMN good!!!" story using a rich writing style that is paired with complex and memorable characters. But WAIT!! You have only made it to 60%, and guess what you hear getting louder? Du-du..Du-du...Du Du Du Du Duhhh...... Holy Jesus, Mary, and Joseph you then realize that this is only the tip of the iceberg. This is when Natalie turns a damn good book into the greatest mindboggling, "Oh my shitness, is this really happening?" debut of the year!!! 
I could write a review on this awesome story a hundred different times and still be unable to truely capture the monumental roller coaster ride this book takes you on. Natalie Graham did NOT hold back while writing this story, there were times when "WOW! This was a perfectly executed debut novel..... wait am I sure this is not a seasoned author?" Only to get a bit further into the story and I was left just sitting back and holding on for dear life while Natalie takes it from good to "Holy hell, WTF.....where the fuck did that come from?"

Natalie, hats off to you babe. You not only surprised the shit out of me, but also gave me the ride of my life by keeping me on my damn toes through the entire book all the way until the very end.
Broken Ever After gets 5-Holy Hell, Someone tell me this isn't happening- Kimmi Stars *****

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