Monday, July 15, 2013

Undone by Francette Phal

Review by Kimmi

*GASPS, attempts to stifle body wracking, shrill sobs by stuffing my fist in my mouth, but muffled sobs still escape*
Why? Why would you Fran? HOW COULD YOU!?! This senseless devastation that is ripping itself through my core, this unrelenting pain tearing my heart in two, YOU caused this Fran! *Commences to fall in a terrible sadness that consists of absolute and utter despair, and I just let it out, let the ugly cry rend its way from my throat*
Holy shit, just rip my heart from my chest and leave me in the fetal position, sucking my thumb, rocking back and forth with tears coursing down my face in rivers and soaking my tshirt collar.
At the end of Redemption I breathed a sigh, a happy and content sigh, unknowingly I had been holding my breath until that perfect moment of closure. Beautiful Disaster left me at such a cliffhanger and Redemption was the balm that soothed the insanity.  When I began Undone I was excited to start Sophie's story, excited to continue the Beautiful Disaster saga through Ellie's daughter Sophie and her story.  This storyline however did not go as I planned, actually nothing about this damn third book went planned!
I am unsure where Francette Phal is taking me now, but I will follow her to the depths of hell and to the ends of earth, but Francette you have to take this pain AWAY! SOON!!!! I can't take this freaking shit much longer!!  I have really nothing else to say at this point, I am so confused and heartbroken that I am literally at a loss for any damn words. I must give Undone 10 -dammit what in the hell, this story is so wrong it's right-Kimmi Star's ★★★★★★★★★★

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