Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life Altering Beautiful by T.A. Hardenbrook

Review by Lil' Max
This is the kinda book you start reading and you can’t put it down til your done!  It pulls you in and holds your attention and you're anticipating everything that’s going to happen and you think you know what’s happening or what’s about to happen but then….. WTF?!?! Boom! You were dead wrong.  My Goodness I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this, but Holy Hell…. HOT. AS. HELL. Seven is from a typical small town you know where Everybody knows EVERYBODY and all their business. Mmhmm, it’s like that.  
She gets caught up in some shit in highschool and then becomes the outcast by the whole town including her parents.  She just wanted to go to College and start over where no one knew her or what happened. Seven is totally self conscious and introverted (now). She has no intentions of finding friends or a boyfriend.  In fact she would like to avoid both at all costs and stay unnoticed, stay a safe NOBODY! She keeps it real plain Jane and tries to just fade into the background all because of the bullshit that happened back home.  She doesn’t even remember what it’s like to have a friend. So she is in for it when her new roommate. Tammy, the boisterous, outspoken, and UBER boy crazy kinda girl steps in Seven's life. Ahhhh good ole Tammy she loves life and dammit all she wants to live it up! Go to frat parties, meet hot guys, give it up, shit anything, hell everything boy crazy girls do in college that their parents NEVER want to know about...... OKAY!!! Tammy has a HOT as HELL older brother in the fraternity and this is when Seven and Stone cross paths first, at one of the first parties of the school year.  
From the first glance at Seven, Stone was captivated.  He is no doubt a certified Man Whore. Signed. Sealed......Delivered. How the Hell did the red-headed vixen get in his mind and easily wrap it all up? So, of course he had to pursue her!  And even though Seven didn’t want to be noticed, she wasn’t blind! She had felt an instant attraction to Stone.  I mean who wouldn’t? He was effin Hot. He was a sex pot! 
Sculpted, hard body, charming personality and of course he was tatted up. They both have secrets that neither one want to indulge in.  Seven wants to keep her past a secret, but bits and pieces keep slipping out one way or another. Enter Trent Gillman, a blast from Seven’s past. He grew up in her town so he knows all about her and Boom he’s dating Tammy…Here is one of those moments I was talking about!  Stone wants to heal her broken pieces but he wants to keep his current career a secret. Can the undeniable love they share allow them to be completely honest with one another or will it be the demise that ends their relationship? Well Ms. Hardenbrook lays all that out for you in this delicious story so go ahead and cop this one. Imma give this 4.5 BadAssDirty little secret stars!!!

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