Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fear of Falling by S.L. Jennings

Review by (a slightly hysterical) Kimmi:
Alright, I hope y'all are ready for what you are about to witness.........
*Sniffs and wipes my teary face*
That was so beautifully painful, and so painfully beautiful. A beautiful heart wrenching, scary as hell story about a girl that should have given up on life a long, long, time ago. And if you were to ask her, she'd say she did, because she really believes that she did. Only those closest to her know just how strong she truly is, how fiercely alive her battered and beaten soul remains. For every reason that any normal, semi happy person would never understand, Kamilla Duvall should not even be able to stand on her own two feet, let alone continue her life, even as sheltered as she keeps herself hidden behind these self erected walls of steel.

 However she does continue, she doesn't give up, at least not until she is staring into the darkest chocolate brown eyes she has ever seen, and she knows without a shadow of a doubt those eyes will tear her perfectly constructed house of pain and fears down around her.  Turn her world upside down, inside out, and kick it off its perfect, yet fragile, balance. So Kam does what she always has done, she runs, like the hounds of hell are snapping at her feet, she runs like her life, her world, her heart and her mind depend on it, she fuckin' runs!
Blaine isn't sure what the hell to make out of this beautiful, exotic, and obviously frightened creature that waltzes into his bar. Her eyes are red and cheeks stained from the tears he witnessed moments ago on his smoke break. All he is sure of, is that he likes her, Dammit he really likes her, he sees this little county mouse tense and make ready to run.

It makes him chuckle, silly little roadrunner, nuh huh, she isn't getting away, no way in hell is he letting her slip away. He has clocked her little frightened ass, and now that his target is set on her she ain't leaving, not no, but hell fuck no. Blaine knows this isn't going to be easy and he knows he will need to tread slow, and lightly. He also knows that little miss Kam, with her green eyes that sparkle and pierce though his soul, will be more than worth all the pain and wounds he'll endure for her while he is fighting all of Kams demons.
But what is Blaine supposed to do when he realizes the biggest, most damaging demon hidden inside her heart, is Kamille Duvall herself? How do you save the woman you love, the one that holds your life, your heart in her hands, when she doesn't want to be saved? How can Blaine stop both his and Kam's history from repeating itself when it's happening right in front of his eyes? When love isn't enough to keep them together and all it seems to do is push Kam further away, further into herself, where he can't reach, does he go against what every fiber of his being is telling him, and just walk away?
He promised Kam he would never let her fall, and if she did he would always be beside her, always catch her, never leave. But what other option is there when you are looking into the beautiful green eyes of the only woman you've ever loved, and you see nothing but hate, a cold mask, and behind that, a broken and shattered woman that has no want or desire to ever be pieced back together. And she is screaming bloody murder at you to get the fuck out, to leave, and never, never look back?
Now let's commence to Kimmi, ummm, falling the fuck apart, sobbing like a lunatic, and rocking myself back and forth in fetal position. All while humming the song by Papa Roach, only remember I'm crying like a bitch, so there isn't any hard rock kickass jamming in this version, it's only being hummed in a weak heart breaking slow and mumbled melody, cue the lyrics please: "Cut my life into pieces this is my last resort. Suffocation, no breathing, don't give a fuck if I cut my arm bleeding. Would it be wrong would it be right if I took my life tonight".
Shit every body calm down, I'm not seriously suicidal over a book, I just have very, very strong heart breaking emotions running through me at the moment, and honestly I just want to get this all off my chest and into its rightful review so I can wash my tattered soul of all this pain and carry on to hopefully something either so fucking hot it scorches my panties off and I have to call the fire men over, or funny and witty enough to pull me out of my complete and utter despair. *commences to more sobbing*
"Damn Kimmi, get it together, Christ on a cracker, you're falling apart in the middle of your review and there is nothing professional about that!"
*Sniffs and somewhat pulls my shit together, sadly smiles, and slowly claps*
Son of a bitch, well done S.L. Jennings, well done, well played. Set, match, game over. I went into this book with your The Dark Light Series in mind, not truly giving you the credit you obviously fully deserve. I'm not sure why, but I never would have pegged you for being a badass tear jerker, as well as a badass paranormal smexy story teller. *Stands up and loudly claps and whistles real cool like through my teeth and tongue* Freaking hell, I loved Kam's story, I loved every tear, and every time my heart broke, not for just Kam, but Dom, and Angel too, I loved every giggle that Blaine, or CJ made me giggle. I love that you left the dark as dark as it was, and the ugly, as ugly as it was, I love that you made this story exactly as it was made to be told, and you did it without changing a thing, if it makes the readers wince, let them. I love Fear of Falling because it is exactly that, a beautifully, painful, heart wrenching, scary as hell story about a girl named Kam, that has always allowed her fears to keep her from falling, and about a boy, a beautiful-scary man, that isn't afraid to love, that isn't afraid to easily hand over his heart to the broken woman that he has fallen head over heels for in love.
Yep, gotta hand Fear of Falling 5-Papa Roach-Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort-Kimmi stars ★★★★★

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  1. I can't help but laugh at your papa roach Kimmi stars! But the emotion in this review really makes me want to go get this book and dive right in. Or at least get it and dive in over the weekend because I have a feeling I won't be able to stop reading. And me getting no sleep and having to work tomorrow... well that's just cruel to my fellow co-workers! So, I do believe my a double s is headed to amazon and clicking my favorite tool!!!
    AGAIN! ;b


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