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Too Far Series by Abbi Glines

Book1: Fallen Too Far

Reviews by Kimmi:

The love I immediately felt for this beautiful book took me by major surprise. In all honesty, I purchased this because, well, lets be honest, the cover was freakin' HOT! lol. However I was pleasantly surprised, and quickly enthralled and bewitched, I was in love, with this fantastic, sexy as hell, nail biting to the quick, cliffhanging book. And after? After I finished this book I was left feigning like an addict, waiting as patiently as I could for book 2 Never Too Far............
Blaire's on her own now, she has not a dime (ok, a twenty dollar bill) to her name. Her mode of transportation in now sporting an E where the gas tank indicator is. She ends up depending on her father's help in her trying times. 
However, Daddy's not home, see right after she got off the phone with him Dad bounced, left the country w/ her momma's replacement, aka, her new step mom, and Rush's biological mother Step mother is a self proclaimed Groupie's baby momma, hence Rush's bad ass name ;). Rush however wants NOTHING to do with Blaire, and tucks her in the pantry "house keeper's" room. But poor, sweet, thankful Blaire thinks things are lookin' up. Blaire just needs to get a job, make some money and she'll be good, outta Rush's hair and making her own destiny, paying her own way.
Blaire's self deprecation slaughtered me, her need to fix everyone and help anyone seriously made me feel like a selfish, vain, piece of shit, lol. And then there is Rush, his Daddy has paved his way in life (monetarily speaking) and his mom has paved out just enough room to keep herself out of his way and let him do as he pleases. 
However, what Rush wants for his pleasing, is Blaire. She is everything he has never known, her goodness is a myth in his world. But Rush has a mouth like the devil and the body of an angel, and when he looks at her, it down right scares the shit out of her that she's gonna fall to far..................

I was left waiting for Never Too Far! The cliffhanger shot my nerves, I kept looking the bottom of my Kindle and seeing 98% 99%, and thinking ( this isn't wrapping up, wrap it up, come on wrap it up!!!) awwww hell cliffhanger. So at the end, unlike you will have to, I had to wait, and try to be a good girl, yeah right, for Never Too Far.

Book 2: Never Too Far

OMG!!!!!! This book was everything I wanted it to be, I waited so, so very patiently for this sequel. You see, my dumb ass went off into Fallen Too Far not knowing it was going to leave me at the end swiping my finger across my Kindle for a SOLID 20 minutes while saying "this isn't the end, this can't be the end, Nope, not the end, my Kindle is malfunctioning, because THIS CANNOT BE THE END!!!!!" My cheese slid a little off my cracker on that tragic day, lol. However, all is now right in the world. Never Too Far is the epitome of a nice tall glass of water <- (Rush) and damn it girls I was thirsty! Thirst quenched, I can now relax, at least until the third book comes along and tears my world down around me again!!!!!

Book 3: Forever Too Far

*Sighs and Sniffles* Abbi that was just beautiful, I love the way you tell me stories. You ripped my heart out with book one Fallen Too Far and honestly I wanted to curse you, yell, scream and kick at you and call you dirty names, and I apologize for having those horrible thoughts, because all along you were setting me up for one of the best romantic series I have read in years. And even better, while you were writing Rush and Blair's story you introduced us to other awesome characters that the readers fell in love with and some that we'd like to either off, or bring down a notch or 20.
In both books 2 & 3 Abbi Glines brings forward background characters and begins to weave in their stories setting us up for some kick ass spin offs! Hell yeah! I can't get enough of these Rosemary citizens!
Ok, now, back to Forever Too Far.....
Rush and Blaire have had a hard road to travel to get to where they are now, things may look all clear and like they are finally looking up for this tried and true couple, but there are still too many things around them and between them that could keep their wedding from taking place.
Rush is doing everything in his power to keep Blaire happy and to keep his promise to always put her before anyone else. But somethings are out of his control, Nan, Rush's sister from hell (one of the characters I'd like to either kill off or bring down a few dozen notches) is still up to her dramatic and bitchy ways. She despises Blaire, she despises the love that Rush has for Blaire, and Nan is at the end of her sanity rope with anger. When her mind finally snaps and Rush is left with a broken sister that he has always put first, Rush knows that Nan needs him, but he made a promise to Blaire.....

Blaire is still the same selfless blond angel she was when we met her in Fallen Too Far, and she tells Rush they need to go to LA to help his sister Nan out in her time of need.
At the beginning of this book we finally get to meet the man I'd been waiting to meet since damn book 1 chapter 3!
The worlds most notorious drummer of Slacker Demons, Dean Finlay! I want, no scratch that, I need his story!!! I want all of it, every raw and train wreck worthy detail of it! *Please Abbi Glines, Please, please, please!!!*
So with Blaire's insistence, she and Rush fly out to LA to stay with Dean *i just swooned* Rush's father with plans for Rush to get Nan settled and pull her back from insanity.
And as they say, the best intentions all pave the road to hell, in this case Blaire and Rush's hell. Where anger, Blaire's hurt feelings and Rush's annoyance begins to surface between them, can they get through yet another rough patch? Will Rush ever be able to put Blaire first? How can she marry and spend the rest of her life with a man who can't put her and his child first when they really need him? And then there is miscommunication, she's really a bitch isn't she?
I absolutely loved this series! It was everything a smut whore could hope for, hot as hell sex scenes that leave you breathless and flushed, a tortured sad girl that has nothing left in life and yet nothing to lose, a bad ass motherfuckin tattoo'd, pierced, fine as HELL playboy that has never known purity like the girl that falls into his world, a love that is like a Gail force wind, both beautiful and tragic, their ups and their highs that leave you euphoric, and the depths of their lows that leave you in a hot sobbing mess. This was absolute romantic perfection! If you haven't read it yet, then I ask you "What in the hell are you doing? You know Gideon's story is just going to piss you off! Read this! Start this! This will leave you feeling whole, complete. Not pissed off."

I'm going to happily give the Too Far series 5 I wish I was Blaire and I had a Rush Kimmi stars!!!

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