Sunday, May 19, 2013

Restore My Heart by Chelsea Cameron

Review by Kimmi

This was such a beautiful story about a broken girl named Dina, who has repeatedly been dealt shit hands in life. When we first meet Dina, all seems to be going pretty damn well in her life, she has her best friend Maggie that she spends her work days with, and they always squeeze in girls day mani/pedi once a week. However the longer you read, the more you realize, Dina's life is far from heaven, as a matter of fact, she seems sadly like she is in hell, and Maggie is the only brightness in her life. And Dina has been staring at all these puzzle pieces, that once made the picture of her life, for so long now, they all are starting to blur blur together, and she's so tired of it, she finds herself ready to just toss the puzzle in the trash. 


Ryder, ohhhh...... Ladies, Ryder, suave, smexy, fuggin tatt's, fuggin BUILT! Fuggin hot!!! Ryder. He's been playin the field for as long as he can remember, and shit that was the field he loved to play, he and his best friend Brayden restore cars at his restoration car garage, and he has been sippin the high life, the good life for a long time, and he sees no reason to change a damn thing in his life. Then one night Brayden, Maggie, and He end up at Dina's house and she is getting her ass beat down like a grown ass man, but by her boyfriend! 

Something primal and fierce engulfs Ryder, and he knows come hell's fires, come high waters, he will keep Dina safe, and she will never hurt again. For the first time ever, he has found someone that he will wait forever for, he will be a better person, a better man, it's time for change in Ryder's life, and he is going to make that change, and then he is going to make Dina his.............

I loved it! Quick read, a quick must read! This book has the perfect balance of emotions, it grabs you very early and doesn't let you go, and when it ends, you have the joyful pleasure knowing that Brayden and Maggie's story, is just a click away on amazon, book 2 Salvaged is available! Can't wait!!!!!!
I give Restore My Heart 4.5 Damn I love this book Kimmi stars!!!!!!

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